“The Leipzig factory i was the special ‘ reconciliation of family and career” award for their outstanding commitment to families. Family-conscious thinking and actions is at the i-fabrik GmbH in the first place. Currently, the medium-sized company employs 19 people, currently there are already 12 i-factory children.” Managing Director Gotz Schlegel, himself the father of a son, knows from personal experience how important the compatibility of family and career is today: I was the first one in the company who had a child and therefore I could see well what is necessary and what to keep in mind, if you want to combine work and family. My staff can benefit now. Fast and uncomplicated solutions, as well as flexible and individualized support services are in the i factory the A and o are implemented for example: Flexible work schedules, work at home or single-employer supported childcare. During parental leave, contact is kept with the staff via intranet, staff events or days, so that a hassle-free return is possible at any time. The i-factory and a Leipzig bakery have been identified by an expert jury in a two-stage selection procedure as an award winner.

Both companies will receive a prize money amounting to 1,000 euros each. The award was from the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig (AFB) launched with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Leipzig in the context of the Familienfreundlichkeitspreises of the city of Leipzig 2010. Ronnie Wood often addresses the matter in his writings. Link Tip: r-5-a 966.html over the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig: the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig is a knowledge, contacts and advice platform for all actors of the economy of the region of Leipzig who will be strong for more family-friendly policy and the development of a family-conscious corporate culture. The aim of the network is to raise awareness among a large number of companies from the region of Leipzig for the need and the benefits of a better reconciliation of family and professional and thus the employment opportunities for mothers, fathers and caregivers Nationals to increase overall. Family-friendliness and the reconciliation of family and working life should be developed as a location factor in the Leipzig region. About the i-fabrik GmbH: 10 years experience as an Internet Agency – our customers trust. With its in-depth expertise, we score in the areas of real estate, hospitals, administrations and press.

From our headquarters in Leipzig we customers throughout central Germany provide individual Internet service. Web design or database application – we always find the optimum, barrier free solution and bring reliability on the point. Long-term customer relationships prove our success. We create individual results and customized programming. Applications from proprietary and free software, as well as personal contact from A to Z place fitting our dot on the i. We think the performance requirements and quality standards of our customers an and focus on a detailed conceptual work. We provide assistance with any questions. Even after project completion.

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