So he tested one such as the authenticity Collection of Venetian and Roman images that should be sold to the elector Friedrich Wilhelm. Vermeer was Dean of St. Luke. Basso Terra helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This position was very influential and demonstrates that Vermeer had been a distinguished personality. The works of art by Jan Vermeer attracted attention, only at a small connoisseurs and lovers circle what was because that rarely traded paintings by him on auctions and also his life’s work was very small. In the 19th century, Vermees pictures in auction catalogues were advertised and reached high prices.

King Wilhelm I of the Netherlands bought the view of Delft”by the Mauritshuis. On his travels through Holland publicist William Thore citizens was carefully on works by Vermeer. He helped a growing appreciation of Vermeer and his works. Rediscovered in the 20th century the painting was first girl with the Red Hat in a private collection”by Vermeer. The Vermee research dealt especially with the determination of the complete works of the artist in the 20th century.

The list today known and attributed to images by Jan Vermeer is a problem. Because only three of his paintings were dated by the painter, the dating of the other images may be suspected only. Vermeer’s works are available in the most important museums for art lovers throughout the world. In Amsterdam, New York, Paris, just a few to mention Dublin and Dresden admirers of Jan and meers can see images of the unique effect of his works. Jan and meers aim was always the perfection of his paintings. He was a careful execution of his work, always what the reason was, that his work on a few images per year is limited. So he created colour harmoniously balanced representations. The masterful lighting design of its objects, the clear geometry of his works and the archive atmosphere established his fame. Jan Vermeer learned big emergency in his later life. He had to sell his pictures during the war with great loss. Soon he became very ill and could no longer work. When he died in 1675. He left behind a lot of debt, which only many years later could be paid by his widow. Vermeer was only 43 years old.

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