In medieval Italy, a man who kissed a girl in public, was obliged to marry her. In Ancient Rome a kiss was a sign of welcome. Kissing is not Only relatives and friends, but strangers and passers-by. In their homeland the famous French kiss is called a 'fusion of souls' – a kiss not just involve the lips, and tongue. Not wanting to rest on our laurels, sensual French invented a second version of this magical kiss, when it involves only the languages. Kissing residents of the Far North – is more than just rubbing noses. Adjoined bodies smell, Eskimos payload lips while doing breath, and then exhale, pressing her lips.

Enjoy the flavor of each other, the lovers are pressed his nose against her cheek as a partner and freeze for a minute or longer. Types of kisses I wonder how kiss you? The perfect kiss – after lovemaking your love takes your face in your hands, softly kisses your eyes, nose, and a long, long kiss on the lips, from which melts the heart. A gentle kiss – spend your finger across the mouth favorite, whisper to him that you love him and it is easy to kiss. 'Red' kiss – it makes the trip in the car more pleasant and "conversational." Each time a red traffic light you bend down to kiss each other. Eskimo kiss – while you're going to go to bed, bend and third toes. I think this will make you both smile. A kiss on the neck bitten ear, kiss behind the ear, slowly lowered his neck to the clavicle, making barely perceptible tantalizing touch his lips (the majority of people from the skin of the goose bumps running).

Strawberry kiss – a kiss which is best? Informative! Lay quietly in the mouth strawberry, close to his lips and a partner during kiss tell half aromatic berries it. Children's kiss – just diversify your kisses. Peretseluy all freckles or birthmarks on his face. Outline kiss – spend the tip of your tongue on a path of closed lips beloved, very slowly and carefully. And then kiss him. 'Schechkin' kiss – gently rub your cheeks together, then rub the lips, barely touching each other, then spend some time on language lip, as if teasing, and passionately kiss. Butterfly Kiss – just touch each other's eyelashes. Icy kiss – for fun or sensual moment placed in the mouth piece of ice. Come back to your partner and kiss on the neck, allowing the ice softly touch her. Kiss hostage – close up lips with tape and drew the attention of his beloved. When he comes, edited from the tape sounds like you want him to say something and you can not because of the sealed cavity. When it detaches the tape, you inform him: 'You saved my lips for yourself', and passionately kiss him.

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