Very nice garden with lots of roses, flowering oleanders, majestic palm trees. It creates a sense of the spiritual peace. I am very well rested from the hustle of city life. On weekends, the hotel comes a lot of young people from Thessaloniki, so that was fun. On Fridays, we could enjoy "Greek nights", the men danced so beautifully sirtaki and beat the dishes at the feet of his girlfriend. Very romantic! Amazingly beautiful, the custom! Sometimes went to a nearby village Kallithea, which is 1.5 kilommetrah of Forest Park. In the Caliph has some great nightlife, and when there come the weekend the people of Thessaloniki, in these clubs is particularly fun.

We have also joined this merry crowd danced and broke away the full program. Greeks are generally very funny and emotional people. And men are so beautiful, with the eastern chic courting girls. I really enjoyed it. Went to the Caliph bowling, had a great time, and then some more time came to play. In this village as an excellent cafe, you can eat delicious and not expensive. In Greece, an excellent cuisine in general, we can say like everything we tried.

Given that in Greece There is no shortage of marine fish, they cook a huge range of dishes from seafood. Tried Greek yogurt, they are much better than ours in taste, so we enjoyed the Greek food industry, all During our stay in Greece. Tasting Greek wines are different, they are really great! On historical tours we choose, because to come to relax in nature, to indulge in fun and active rest. We just spent time superovski not understand those people who have not found a fun and complained that they were bored. Time has flown by very quickly, so do not want to leave !!!!! Greece awesome beauty of the country, and Zakynthos is the most beautiful corner of it, where I had left a piece of his soul. The next year I need to come to Greece to visit her other resorts …. Alex aka tourist

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