High-quality design of buildings – a pledge of successful construction of modern building design as their main task puts improving quality and safety of the subsequent construction phase. Project Institute "Onyx" offers a full range of services that includes industrial design objects of any complexity. The main objective of our specialists who design buildings is professional field of activity lies in the choice of planning schemes, bulk solutions and building structures that not only would satisfy the requirements of modern production processes, but also contribute to economical consumption of monetary and material resources. Most often, the design of industrial buildings and other facilities (facilities) to develop a means by parts special project projecting organizations, and leading the organization – is the one that deals with technological design. It is this firm subsequently executes linking all project materials, developed by individual organizations, and is responsible for the whole project. Work with an organization securely and profitably. The project company "Onyx" has successfully established itself in the market of industrial Turnkey design.

Proper plant design includes a number of important tasks for the subsequent introduction of the newest technologies, best space-planning decisions, to ensure regulations, sanitary and hygienic conditions in shops on the premises and the environment. Therefore, industrial design is one of the most important stages in the construction of any object. Design of buildings (structures) directly affect the continued operation of facilities and safety stay on them. To carry out professional design work necessary to refer to a reliable specialists. We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with you!

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