Prisacom S.A. Madrid dreams of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. For this purpose it has designed a project that not only adheres to the model marked by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but also improves their demands. The Office responsible for provide for a profitable games and, what is more important for the Mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, showing a Madrid at the forefront. The Games will create 170,000 jobs MBEL GALAZ. This image gives us account of how political, economic and cultural actors play to distribute those places on the cake’s positions in the monopolies. To the point that we see as laying down these new relations of power and competitiveness, which have revived social conflicts such as those who have lived among some Catalan and Madrid citizens. In the journalistic fragment which alludes to Barajas, we see these social processes of transnational and international competitiveness.

We are therefore witnessing what Beck called the fragmentation of different actors with new capabilities of decision. In addition to the presence of Rodriguez Zapatero in these relationships confirms that globalization in this country walks hand in hand with the State at least in this area. But what find me amazing is the amount of indirect or implicit information we can find environment to globalisation and connectivity. Thought me impressive so spectacular increase of interconnections or the use of the new technologies. Continuing with this vast and spectacular transformation of the city we find articles as of the day April 4 in the country which reports on video cameras that will monitor residents and visitors access to the neighbourhood of the letters. The technical equipment to be used are last generation, both placed in the own streets in the core of the system in which optical fiber with full guarantees systems have been used. Either this one: the EMT tells how much you will take the bus via the mobile phone.

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