Domingo 25 of Julio of this year. Jaime entrevist to which when he always comes to Lima he goes to his program, and has become his caserito, Happy Jandy. Jaime says to him to Jandy, that people are fed up with policy, and coquetonas with a high level of homosexuality matches to him of words. Also it says to him that people ask to him that he is president and follow the cachondeo. Good the town is these forty people who we have contracted says Jaime and it is ***reflxed mng much. Jandy offers to him to be in its electoral campaign. Jaime asks to him that he does the song to him for the campaign. Jandy sings a song with amariconados airs and Jaime ***reflxes mng itself much.

Soon Jaime tells the one him of Larissa Riquelme, then Jandy asks to him. In what we were? , you are, or you are not? Jandy as he is evangelical asks to him of a graceful but sincere way: and what thinks your lady of all this? Jaime smiles and it remains been silent. Jaime says that it likes that people believe that he is homosexual. He says to him to Jandy that intellectually is homosexual, because it likes the affection of a man. But it likes to have sexual relations with a woman. Jaime makes reference of something well certain: We worked doing what we like, and they pay to us to do this Great truth. In my quality of musician I can certify this. Artists must we them be been thankful well with God, because aside from to us to have given east gift, we have the opportunity to work with the same, and to gain the life to us.

The double gratefulness with which it gives the life us. And now that I am in this to write, I feel a great pleasure when I realise this activity, and logically serious an infinite gratefulness if the case occurred that paid to me to do this. But at the moment, it is only by the simple one to please to do it. This interview of Jaime with Jandi, for my modest appreciation, was very funny. And this is one of the reasons for which always I will say that the program of Jaime amuses much to me, and also will say that Jaime would have to remain nothing else in that, to stop vacillating to its public with that to want to be president. Next Jaime presented/displayed to Carlos Alvares that he does not imitate to anybody (I do not get tired of to say it) in truth Jaime was funnier than Carlos in this sequence. The jokes of Carlitos no longer make laugh to anybody; but they make laugh the occurrences of Jaime, asks Who is the humorist? Nowadays Jaime says that no longer he wants to be president, because the affection of the people are going who it to see the channel, is more important that to be president. She says that people do not love the politicians and she is not wanted to burn.

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