Beyond the school to defend the democracy in all the directions, also searchs for the qualification of the professionals in activities, in the objective to form people, critical, idealistic and compromised with the society for thus true terms citizens. Telling this research one intends, that reading they make analyses and reflections, since the subject in guideline is of utmost importance for the society. All depend on the familiar production, on the actions of the man, on the woman, as well as also depend on the field and city, of the social school and organizations. Beyond the importance cited above with regard to the subject, one intends that in developing of the reading it will be perceived that valley imposes a fine on to make other analyses, therefore, science has an open field and infinite, it opens ways and it allows new discovered and reflections. Therefore it follows in paragraphs in this work, systematization, analyses and reflections 3,1 Referring to the Family the interviewed family lode of the South region of the country in the year of 1972 with objective to live better days and to try economic stability to keep the family. Liveing in the property the 38 years, the family comes obtaining to carry through its objectives; it improved the financial condition, the children are in the school studying in qualification search and preparation for the life, the father has a job next to house, obtains to study and to work in agriculture everything at the same time. For the rank that the interviewed one makes, a great enthusiasm for the fact is perceived to have the chance to guarantee the future of the children, as well as, as much in the agricultural production, as in the professional formation. In the answers applied to the questionnaire daily pay-elaborated for the researcher they are well-known the stories that the interviewed one makes with regard to its participation in the community where live. Without hesitation Jack Fusco explained all about the problem.

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