Sakura blossoms and wordy samurai, that we still know about Japan. Today we will acquaint everyone with the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine in the last decade in Russia has acquired immense popularity. If many Russians, Japanese food is fashion, then it is akin to the Japanese art of making bouquets – ikebana. Japanese cooks add tremendous value in giving the overall harmony of the composition of dishes on the table, and can create the real masterpieces not only of culinary art, but the real picture on the table.

A staple of Japanese cuisine is rice. Recipe for cooking rice very easy, it is cooked in a little water, never stirring or adding salt. Instead of salt the Japanese tend to use a variety of sauces and condiments. Figure Japanese eat small portions of up to three times a day. Popularity in Japan enjoy dishes of vegetables (radish, eggplant, radishes, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage), the Japanese traditionally eat a lot of them.

Of particular importance in the recipes of dishes of Japanese cuisine is given to legumes, it's beans and soybeans. From leguminous Japanese chefs are made of miso – mass obtained by fermentation of cooked soybeans. Miso is one of the ingredients in the recipes and various soups. Undisputed leadership in Japanese cuisine has a number of recipes from various seafood. Most Europeans and Russians are known sushi (sushi) and sashimi (sashimi), Japanese dishes of raw fish. Although it is not sushi, not sashimi are not traditional Japanese dishes. Rather, it is adapted for Europeans Japanese cuisine. Visitors Japanese restaurants and cafes, probably known it cakes of rice and slices of raw fish wrapped in dried seaweed. In Japanese cuisine, we can observe a large number of sauces and condiments, for the manufacture of which use different varieties of soy and radish. The main Japanese drink – green tea, of alcoholic beverages is known to all of sake rice wine. Having visited even once in a Japanese restaurant or cafe, you can feel the spirit Japan, the country's beautiful cherry blossoms and harsh samurai.

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