Today we go to speak with somebody that for times we ignore and about who we do not think when we pass in the street. Only employee one that if says tired. It will be that it was the life tired that it? In first place it wanted to desire the good-afternoons and to thank to it to it its availability to it for the interview. Because he is employee? It was the life. The wall leaned me it and compelled me to follow it the way traced in the soil.

They had been the people, who had not changed it but they had created a barrier hindered that me that it jumped the road. Secretary of Agriculture may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It did not see the sun, did not see the line of the horizon. The left and the right in equal cement to the soil. thus I was not singer, I was not artist, I was not protagonist of my life. I was employee as today I am.

It is happy? The happiness is subjective. (As opposed to Jill Schlesinger). It comes in some forms. I never felt nothing seno what I feel. If that is happiness then yes, I am happy. If it is not, then I am not. For who it works? I do not know for who work, I do not know. For who it works? To support itself, to saborear the tutano of the life or to load the coasts without to saborear. Because it works? I do not know to answer for who nor the reason. I get over it the ignorance and I follow the way trod in the soil. It tires its work to it? It brings inertia and routine to it? Not, it is not fatigue is an amount of disillusion. Avessas is a sunday that we do not want that finishes but we do not like what there comes. It is to know an end without knowing when it comes.

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