All the sound level meters do not offer the auxiliary exit of CA. Capacity of storage: In dependency of the objectives that pay attention. It is important if it is not had recorders DAT. Since the registries for their later analysis with a suitable software can stay. For example, Mediator 2238 of Brel& Kjaer has a memory of 2 Mbytes that can store up to 500 archives, dated, hour of beginning, configuration and gun spread datas.

It has the advantage that allows to recover the data and to show them in screen, to print them or to transfer them to the computer for a study superior. The disadvantage is that analysis software are sold like optional elements. The cost of the investment goes off! Optional modules of software: Very tie characteristic to the previous one. It allows to realise more complex analyses of the signals: spectral analyses and statistical, periodic reports In the case of the frequency analysis, of office, will be required of games of filters of 1/1 and 1/3 of eighth (that in many cases are provided like optional). Nevertheless, it is possible also to use a recorder DAT with a compatible entrance with the exit of CA of the sound level meter, soon to transfer the information to the computer. So it is needed, besides the DAT, of a card of common sound that it generates archives .WAV. It is a possibility that can be very advisable to when it is had limited resources.

Control of measurement: it can be in time pre-established manual or (in the last case exists equipment with possibilities of automatic storage that they go from 1 second to 24 hours). There are sound level meters that allow to program the date and hour of beginning of the measurements several ahead weeks. It is a factor to consider in measurements of events of noise with lengths temporary intervals.

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