Due to the brightness luminescence and the concentration of a particular color and image is formed. The main drawback of these models – the awkwardness and image distortion. They are well set in the kitchen or cottage. The glass screen is unpretentious: he You can wipe, do not fear to leave mikrotsarapin. And for the room is better to buy a flat screen TV.

Models with flat-screen TVs have so many advantages over traditional, even the high price does not deter customers. Flat front part of the light to avoid glare on the screen and does not distort the image. In these more TV viewing angle on a flat screen comfortably even look sideways. These models look modern and fit well into the design space. Next, we consider only the flat-screen TVs. They have several types: plasma screens, LCD screens, projection systems. In the plasma display panel the image is formed by an electrical signal that affects the plasma.

Each point of the panel, depending on the image can be any color and brightness. But when the screen is very large, it becomes difficult control the brightness of the points (their number reaches several million), increases energy consumption and price. Advantage of only two, but they are very important – it is wide (60 ') and the totally flat screen. LCD screens are made up of three layers of liquid crystals, delicate red, green and blue. Behind them are the powerful lights that shine these layers. Depending on each of the image crystal changes its transparency and the screen is formed by a color. According to this principle are arranged flat-panel displays and notebook computers. For technical reasons it is not available LCD TVs over 40.'' However, manufacturers are actively improving the technology, and every year the size of the screens is increasing. The main difference of plasma screens – low power consumption.

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