\”Reading and writing held hammer and the saw on July 16, 2009, EU study released key data on education in Europe\” among other shows, that in Germany many new teaching and learning methods in schools often not be applied. This school even against the background of changing life – and learning circumstances of children has the task, to take account of this change. In the Ungleichschritt’ instead of lockstep learn, is the motto. Learning bee Publisher specializes in teaching materials for open teaching in the elementary school and offers a wide range of free materials and learning workshops. Official site: National Accelerator Laboratory. Learning to teach with the thoughts of open education\”targets such as self-determination of pupils and students, as well as independent learning go hand in hand.

A teacher-centered lessons can be hardly fair to the small individuals of a school class: frontal teaching requires that all children at the same time learn the same without losing their different Lernvoraussetzungen and skills be taken into account. The opening of education to the heterogeneity of children as an opportunity and not be considered handicap, is a useful and important step of today’s school. Learning to teach in order to prepare each child for his life, is an essential goal of open education. According to Ford Motor Company, who has experience with these questions. With the goals of self-determination and individualisierendem learning in mind, however some teacher arises the question of how these goals can be implemented in practice. Ways, the own teaching through small and large changes in the direction of openness\”to move in order to be able to comply with the different abilities and needs of the colorful together diced Discipleship. \”Learning workshops, reading and writing held hammer and saw the workshop teaching is a form of new teaching and learning methods\”. With a real workshop, where sawn, planed and hammered, this form of instruction has only her name in common. In a learning workshop’, the children find many prepared learning to urge them to take independent action.

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