Today we are going a little aside the topic of babies, and although the name of the blog is moms and babies, I also want to address health issues, especially those that may be of interest to you. Lately I listen much to the term leukemia, and although I speak it with many people there are few that really know what it is exactly. Leukemia refers not only to a disease but a group of them related, that Yes, always to the bone marrow. Leukemia attacks the bone marrow causing an uncontrolled increase of leukocytes (white blood cells), hence the name that has been given, since etymologically speaking, leukemia means white blood, although at certain times they may also be considered as certain types of leukemia the increase in red blood cells. The problem of this disease is that before such an increase of white blood cell blood collapses of them and has no flow of normal cells, which can seriously jeopardise our life. Leukemia is cancer more frequent in childhood, with 3-4 cases per 100,000 children under 15 years of age, which is no doubt an overwhelming figure. Worst of leukemia is that no sign that there is if only to determine it.

To do this, the best way to know if anyone has this disease is through a myelogram, although in cases of extreme gravity also can be carried out a bone marrow biopsy. Symptoms that can determine beginning of leukemia though as we’ve said before, there is an only symptom which itself only to determine the presence of this type of cancer, we can make a collection of symptoms that usually tell us that there is a problem in our body and that can be associated with leukemia. Lack of forces, dizziness, nausea fever that persists for several days pain articular extremities bleeding in the gums or nose without cause apparent small spots of red color by skin skin much paler than usual increase in lymph nodes returning to the subject that concerns us, moms and babies, many of the different types of leukemia can be treated successfully thanks to the blood of the umbilical cord with our child, provided, we had made a donation of cord when he was born. These procedures are not yet covered by social security so that if we are interested we will have to take out private health insurance who assumes responsibility.

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