How to prevent possibilities of professional accounts. Thought, adopted and implemented. Know what she wants E.g. Further details can be found at medical billing, an internet resource. Education promote the policy. Finally there not only are various associations and organizations from all sectors, indicating the shortage since last year. Accordingly much PR launched the so-called road building program on the way and more and more it has arrived at the company and they want to use it. Finally, the ability to provide a complete education for staff already employed and proven to a professional degree offers here. In the care sector, where there are many career changers and demand registered themselves through the development of demography is constantly growing, thats a way here to compensate for deficits.

Improved cooperation with the employment agencies in recent years since the introduction of the programme in 2006, and many short and long training with appropriate promotion could take place. The goal of the program is also to help people with activities at the Assistant level, so that they are not so much threatened by unemployment to a professional degree. That seems to have changed since late 2009, at least in the Berlin area. Long term training such as for example the training to the / r registered nurse (3 years) should no longer be subsidized. “The statements of the employees are similar in almost all competent authorities: it only training promoted 4 months up to a maximum.” Should so many employees the opportunity have used in the last three years for a professional degree, that it is no longer necessary here to promote and to counteract the malaise of the lack of skilled? Or is here once again turned to a spar screw for cost reasons, brought more unemployment and continued low qualified personnel in the coming years?

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