The Leipzig book fair begins on March 12. Around 2100 exhibitors are presenting innovations from the fields of fiction, damage to property, and Audiobook. Especially cheap visitors purchase the book of their choice on the Internet cash bonus program by the directions cashback system prices are falling, because for every purchase of 2% of the net goods value be paid back in cash. With 1800 online shops, directions among all cash-bonus programs offers the largest selection on the Internet. “Alone in the shopping section books, music and film” the directions user has 113 different shops to choose from. We are particularly proud not only to the diversity that we can offer our customers, but also on the many exotic small shops, such as, offering Japanese and Chinese books and mangas or, where you can get books in different languages”, explains Kerstin Schilling, CEO of directions. But no opportunity to purchase we at directions definitely had who got himself suggestions at the fair, find it.

A real advantage for the customer is the price savings through the cashback system directions: with every purchase, the user receives back money, which first lands on a bonus account. As soon as 30 euro on the bonus account accumulated, directions will transfer the amount to the bank account. About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use.

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