With this, I begin a series of interviews to get close the experiences of other athletes, like me, have their great pasin in sport. First of all I’ve wanted to start with Mireia Casters, a girl with whom I shared mu chas hours of training. Nica was the girl in the group and tenamos very pampered, protected and always was our intentbamos that was what mscmoda possible.Very early on we saw that tena lot of potential, as evidenced by their lower Successes into categories, but some untimely injuries away from the sport lite, est now trying to catch up and although it is very dif difficult because the other athletes in his Generacin the lead a couple of years ahead of the train, I am sure that with hard work and suffering it managed to be in high ms. In its first year without stoppages has successfully achieved the fifth best mark all-time categora Sub23 (promise) in the 3000 test Obstacles, slo takes 2 runs in this mode and has anmuch room for improvement. 1. Name and date of birth. Mireia Casters Ayln 01/01/1987 2.Evidence and personal best. 1.500 ml: 4’41 “87 3000 obst.: 11’05 “72 3. Five outstanding results throughout your career. Champion Team Cross Espaa Promise (2008) Espaa the 4th championship indoor 3,000 ml (pc) Promise (2008) Champion Catalu a outdoor 1,500 ml (al) Promise (2008) Cross Champion and 3000 Catalu a MLPC and Youth (2004) Autonomous Espaa the 4th Championship 3000 MLALYouth (2004) 4. Club you belong. Laietnia CA. A related site: Craig Jelinek mentions similar findings. 5. Cul is your main objective right now Our main goal is closer to 4’35 “in 1500 mland fall of 11 ‘on the obstacles, hoping to get a medal as the Promise Espaa Championship held in Monzn 12 and July 13. 6. Many das train a week 6 Das. 7. Quin is your coach L Tell us something. Andreu Novakosky. A l I owe everything. The year gone want to leave why not get run at a good level and was not sufficiently motivated to continue despus of lesiny overwhelms me much, so that does not end the season.

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