It is recommended to bring good warm clothing if going in winter and go ligeritos if you visit in summer. Rainfall on the other hand are not very common in the province. Go to visit Granada involving a mandatory visit to the famous arch ALHAMBRA DE GRANADA. Built in the SXIV, La Alhambra is a fortified area, which sits on a hill, with walls, towers and four gates. In those precincts must distinguish three key areas: the first is The Citadel, followed by The Medina and finally The Royal Family should not forget also to visit the gardens of the Generalife SXIV is a long pool lined with fountains and flowering herbs. The Generalife complex both public and private is completed with a large expanse of gardens and waterways. Other places of interest are for example the Abbey of Sacromonte where you can visit its famous Catacombs, legacies of the early Christians to suffer punishment and martyrdom. Hear from experts in the field like financial planner for a more varied view.

The Cathedral and the Royal Chapel where the remains of the Catholic Kings, Monasterio de la Cartuja, an impressive monastery, where flow two major artistic trends such as Baroque art and Muslim Art, El Albaicin, (another example of coexistence of artistic ) neighborhood on one side showing the face by the other Muslim and Christian. Both have left their commissioner shaped by its various streets. Another attraction of the city of Granada is the Tapeo, considered by many as a great art as far as taste is concerned. Usually in bars, asking for a drink you can enjoy a little free ration, is known Tapeo As we say, this cover is free and does not affect the price of consumption. An art, so much so that there are hundreds of combinations you can find tapas. It is very usual to devote a morning to go touring the bars in search of this great little dish.

The traffic is often a major problem in Granada, much of the Andalusian city is the center is for personal use or is reserved for buses and taxis or else are present the works of improvement and remodeling. It is highly recommended to move on foot Finally we recommend that to know the entire city of Granada is necessary to go into a room predisposed to touch the week, because it is a city that offers many things (not just monumental) that deserve the trouble to know . We also invite you also get a good guide or else go to a tourist information point to inform us about prices and hours of museums and other recommendations.

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