Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, reaffirms commitment to the liberalisation of trade reiterated the need that wants to help Taiwan increasingly to regional economic integration, to remain the economic development of the nation on the right track. “All preparations for the accession of Taiwan to the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “would have to be completed by February. Digital cameras understands that this is vital information. President Ma said that Taiwan should participate in two trade blocs seek at the same time, where the public should cooperate with the private sector to achieve this goal. “I have instructed the Cabinet to extend the function of international economic and trade strategy team”. According to Chu Yun-peng, Professor of Economics at National Central University, Beijing and Seoul, speed up just their negotiations on a free trade agreement. “Once their free trade agreement is completed, there will be enormous on” He said Taiwan’s main export, including machinery, petrochemicals, steel products and textiles affect”. Especially Taiwan’s manufacturing sector would be of very adversely affected.

The chug-hua Institution for economic research (CIER) be expected despite these challenges, that Taiwan’s gross domestic product will grow in the next year, on the back of a recovering economy, to 3.03 percent, and exports and imports expected to each 3.71 percent and 2.73 percent rise. In its latest economic forecast, the CIER expects that the private consumption of the country by 1.73 percent will rise, while multiply private investment to 4.24 percent. Consumer prices will experience a weak gain of 1.32 percent, and the unemployment rate is slightly lower to 4.16 percent. (ca)

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