It arranges the house, owner Maria, who comes visit! It arrests the cachorros, it gives bath in the children, pass a broom in the soil, plays the dust underneath pra of the carpet, makes a coffee and for it measures there. It is more or less this idea that a pantry of the world brings for Brazil. The dumb country with the requirements for sediao of this world-wide event. Reforms are initiated and investments in airports, transports, in the sector of would hotelaria, tourism in general and etc, etc, etc. Vultosas additions are directed to this intention. Much money is expense in this process. great part of this money came of its pocket, expensive reading friend.

Of the taxes that sequestram our wages in the first quadrimestre of all year. The reforms and investments are important for the country, but it is lamentable that the main motivation for the improvement is centered in the event and not in the necessities of the Brazilian people. A people who suffers with the misery and me the distribution from income. A people, who to a large extent, loses to the unemployment, an education that lacks of quality, the lack of housing and, consequentemente, to crime without precedents in the history of our country. Everything this could gradual be brightened up and be diluted with resources that ' ' know-if-there-for-onde' ' they are destined. While it folloied the Operation of inoccupation of the slum quarter of the mount of the German, I listened to the following commentary, come of a reporter: ' ' Governmental authorities affirm that the army will be in the mount until the ending of the festividades of the Pantry of the Mundo' '. A true nonsense to hear this! It wants to say then that later that the pantry to finish the snake can smoke back in the slum quarter? It was this that I understood? the health of the people? The education? The work? The wage? Of the politicians already it increased, n! the pennie one of the poor person, increases when? It goes to be a pretty commemoration for foreigners in Brazilian territory.

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