Journey to 1 in the morning on May 1 the weather was just wonderful. On a day just had to leave town. Yes, far away. Where there is not audible noise of the city. Travel plan hatched a long time. Therefore, the question of the route was not.

Purpose of the trip have also identified long ago: to explore parking places, the length of routes, points of interest. It was necessary also to know what difficulties may arise in large groups in these places, and we were interested in these places in terms of archeology: we expected to find artifacts of a minimum time of Pugacheva. We hired a "Gazelle" and went to the very mysterious , look at Guberlinskie mountains, explore the mountain Devil's mound, where according to legend a cave in which were hidden Pugachev and hid their treasures there. From Orsk, we headed west along the Orsk – Orenburg, turned around a pointer to the left, the road from the asphalt replaced soil. Terms of smoking burned fields. Location has not yet blossomed after a long winter. It was sad. But suddenly, the road went down and before us okrylis large, occupying the entire horizon of mountains Guberli.

We welcomed pointer "State Farm Guberlinsky. Blue metallic kid looked away and did not show any interest to us. Drove into the village . Village as a village. Modern one-story house of white brick, some places of the plates. Village council, school, fap – as usual. Locals curiously tried to look as far as possible to the salon Gazelle to probably count the number of arrivals and look in the eyes of new people who visited their territory.

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