On Tuesday, July 7, 2012 is at 19:30 a lecture in the lecture series ‘Orthopaedics’ with Daniel Weichelt instead of physical therapist Daniel Weichelt returning a simple overview in this lecture, what treatment options are and how you can positively influence the osteoarthritis. To better understand issues such as construction, development and physiology of articular cartilage discusses in the lecture on July 7. Osteoarthritis, popularly called also osteoarthritis, is unfortunately one of the common diseases and is often painful complications of which lead to further health problems. Most commonly, the knee and hip osteoarthritis occur in Germany. Many people do not know how you can prevent osteoarthritis at all and usually too late to respond to the symptoms. Help is then often just an operation, in which an artificial joint is inserted. But so far it has not come, prevention is always possible! The causes of osteoarthritis are different. Hear from experts in the field like Celica for a more varied view.

At Called consequences of a breach of post-traumatic osteoarthritis, but mostly osteoarthritis years across particularly aged due to bio-mechanical pressure loads or even deformities is becoming more and more noticeable. But other causes for an osteoarthritis in question can get. In the presentation, Daniel Weichelt comes out and gives tips to avoid. The typical symptoms are also called joint effusions, where body fluids (called synovial fluid or pus, but also blood this heme osteoarthritis) greatly multiplied and leads to swelling and feelings of tension besides unpleasant pain and restricted mobility of the affected joints. Only through a puncture can be determined, what kind of joint effusion it is. Also, a deformation of the joint occurs, what restricts not only the freedom of movement and caused noise, but also aesthetically poses a problem. The causes, to understand the symptoms and the treatment of osteoarthritis, is also a basic understanding of the Necessary joint structure and physiology of the articular cartilage. For this reason Daniel Weichelt will enter first in his lecture on anatomical and physiological issues, before he dedicated to the creation and especially the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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