Dinner at a restaurant with a glass of wine Gelendzhik, absorbed heat from the sun and fresh mountain air, leaving a pleasant memory. Especially if it is a romantic dinner. Because there are so many wonderful neznakomok and strangers … unusual flora of Gelendzhka. The most common tree – Pitsynda pine. It is famous for its health-improving effect on human respiratory system. Very beautiful summer blooming acacia. Its pink, fluffy and fragrant flowers give the city an exotic look.

Palm Gelendzhik a bit, but there is yucca, magnolia, cypress, cedars, sycamores and chestnuts. A colorful flowerbeds manicured cause vacationers a desire to get a camera and record themselves on their background. FOR SOMEONE THIS HOLIDAY begins just after nightfall. Beaches become empty, open and discos nightclubs. Format the most diverse. Has it all – a laser show, striptease and beer parties, performances of stars, shows and competitions.

In general, all-in Gelendzhik gentle turns to night disco, where everyone can find the right music and a company that is ready to have fun until the morning. IF you've always dreamed up in the mountains, but you have no experience, and scary to climb the high cliffs, Gelendzhik – this is what you need. Mountains in Gelendzhik area are ideal for novice travelers. Small height, there is no oxygen deficiency, amazing in its beauty … wilderness areas in the mountains is pure mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls, swimming in which the guarantee the extension of his youth, getting rid of a bad mood and a desire to return here again! And someone goes to the Spa for romantic dating, walks in the moonlight under the southern stars, hoping to find here the prince (princess). Hope this is often true. They say, Holiday romances are short-lived. Do not believe it! It is no accident Gelendzhik population increases every year … the Black Sea – the warmest sea in Russia, and in Gelendzhik bay water warms more than the open sea. There are no high waves. Even in bad weather, when the raging storm at sea in the bay you can swim. In summer the surface water is almost always smooth, so the beaches Gelendzhik very well rest with young children who still do not know how to swim. Is it possible to leave the resort, not taking the lives of at least a little bit of summer happiness? Shells, paintings, jewelry, model ships, and many other interesting little things will remind of the sea and would be a good gift for your loved ones.

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