19 developed a way to protect against overpriced auto repair bills almost every car driver knows it: is the holiday and all of a sudden the family car don’t want so how he can. Read more here: Canyon. It goes in the workshop, can fix anything and may soon make do with an expensive Bill. But how do you know whether you paid too much for years? How to know if you can still trust his workshop? A new comparison portal for car repair costs (www.deine-autoreparatur.de) clarifies these issues immediately. A student from the vicinity of Dresden developed this project in the last half year. I just wanted to know what other drivers for your repairs pay. The Internet could provide no information me at that time, so I had to torture me for obtaining information through many forums.” He then put the new portal piece by piece. As already mentioned not doing to teaching workshops, but the anonymous comparisons of individual costs for various Repairs.

Also, you can find out with the help of the portal at what mileage to other users what repairs were. Thus, it is still possible to draw conclusions on the reliability of used cars. The system in the background is simple: any user anonymously submit its last repair bills. Compact records will generated from these data, which will be put online for everyone. Each added invoice therefore increases the available scope of data for all users. All stakeholders will benefit her.

This Web site is a unique opportunity to protect themselves from overpriced garage bills and the motorist an opportunity to give, to assess these costs in advance. With this knowledge, you can search out a budget workshop and significantly reduce costs. The operator is still intense looking for sponsors in order to expand the project. Currently, all financial resources be brought still private. I hope that the project in the next half year continues to grow. “, says the inventor unerringly. by Paul Winkler

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