Especially for teachers and social pedagogues, the requirements for education and educational work in schools, children’s facilities and outpatient and inpatient youth welfare facilities are constantly increasing training courses. A growing ever more complicated social environment, newly reviewed images of disorder in children and adolescents, the challenges of the information society and the General mental instability of adolescents and their homes are facts, which are often much too short in its impact in the educational training. An uncertainty is evident so young educators and even old hands often in dealing with borderline, add/ADHD, traumatic experiences of children and young people and numerous different phenomena and evasive behavior. Dealing with the affected children and young people and their families is often difficult because necessary background nature is missing, buried, or is simply not properly classified. Knowledge acquired regarding the refresh or the Specific knowledge Geradeaus…die have specializes mainly on offering appropriate training consultants in addition to textual and promotional work. The skills that come from 25th social practice of the instructor Olaf Hoffmann, who gained a large pool of experience especially in the direct work with multiple traumatized children and adolescents but also with disabled and mentally impaired adults. The training of advisers shows is quite diverse and turns very fond on the specific needs of the facilities. The corresponding range of seminars on specialist advice, mediation and supervision.

Preferably, the seminars and consultations in the booking facilities as in-house events are offered. This has the advantage that the problems directly on-site in the requesting area and not in the neutral distance of more expensive seminar houses can be treated. This allows a moderate prices, which are also competent to handle negotiations and on the other a concentrated work on the related problems. These benefits have already recognized several facilities at the end of last year and were already in the first weeks of this year benefit from appropriate training opportunities. The response to the seminars conducted so far shows that the training have paid off. The predicates that can be found in addition to many other estimates of value are valuable and really helpful. “, exciting and above all personally consciously making.”. Straight ahead…

the consultants insist, free to negotiate the dates with the facilities. This allows flexibility to plan and to take into account the working with children and young people in the planning the children’s and youth facilities. The education providers like it arises and even training available free of charge on weekends. If you looking to helpful training for working with children and young people, a request under is advisable. There is also that in addition to a wide range of performance Contact possibilities under which soon can expand your knowledge related to the work with children and young people with various images of disorder.

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