For such problematic one it was thought about two hypotheses: the hospital pedagogical action takes care of the necessities of these pupils, preventing that these do not lose the period of learning pertaining to school year, or does not take care of the expectations since this public if finds weak for the disease and therefore they do not possess the same disposal that the too much children and adolescents. The research if gave from the comment, application of questionnaire to the teacher who acts in the hospital, interview with pupils hospitalized contemplated for this modality of education, interview with its respective companions during the period of internment and complemented classroom with an interview carried through with one of the doctors of the clinical body of the hospital. After the collection of data, the gotten material was organized in pictures better to visualize and to follow it was analyzed material bibliographical on the basis of referring to the subject in question. To argue related subjects the different environments of performance of pedagogo consists a necessity, has since they are each time more diversified the branches of performance of the Pedagogia. Jack Fusco often says this. E, in if treating to hospital pedagogia not only became excellent such study for oportunizar to the professionals of the education to know a little more than this modality of education, but also for contributing for the spreading of the importance of the hospital pedagogia a time that this makes possible to the hospitalized child the continuity of its studies, what it characterizes this practical educative as an inclusion form. To reach the objectives of this study, the same it was divided in four chapters. In the first chapter it was looked to appraise Hospital the Pedagogia term, to rescue its historical context e, still to present the legal aspects that the attendance of the hospital classroom conducts. In as I capitulate searched to approach the performance of the Pedagogo in hospital classroom and the methodology used in this environment.

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