Every love relationship is undergoing development. For some fresh love this knowledge may be alarming, as they hope, their infatuation with each other will never end. Recognize, however, that these stages are necessary and normal, and goes right to it, you get a reward at the last and most desirable section: The love for life. First, it is but to take some hurdles: The six stages of the relationship. A hard way to go to meet there are several theories about the stages of a relationship.

The model of an American Ehetherapeutin that lived through a partnership of six stages: The first is the phase of enthusiasm. The lovers discover commonalities, idealize each other, are adjusting to the others and are willing to meet each other every wish. In the second phase, enter the weaknesses of the other and differences in attitude to life and situations. Initial feelings of frustration come to light. The phase three is devoted to the battle: Each is attempting to change the others to him about his expectations . Form This suspicion is fueled, angry confrontations and accusations are the result. The fourth phase describes the Ehetherapeutin with the "7th Itch Year ". It should not really be the seventh year of being together in which one or both partners feel the desire to separate, because they feel constrained by the other. The fifth phase is the phase of reconciliation, in which the partners see each other again, as they have recognized that the respective partners do not necessarily own expectations must satisfy.

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