The dialogue based on the careful thought involves abilities as: ' ' reciprocal sincerity in each part of a dialogue, interest for the truth insistently to be searched and interest in one real agreement in bases razoveis' '. still other abilities of dialogue to be searched in the source of the thought of the care, are of prudence, equity and isonomy. The use of these abilities is justified with the objective to cultivate by means of the lessons of philosophy for children and new young discovered and resignificaes. PEDAGOGIA OF THE QUESTION, THE DIALOGUE AND THE INQUIRY ON MEANINGS, BELIEFS AND VALUES. The pedagogia it involves, not only the transmission of contents, but, over all, practical of attitudes and the procedures that become possible the learning, leading in consideration the conditions of time and the available didactic resources. in what it refers to the Philosophical Pedagogia, it needs to have clarity of as to ambientar, to stimulate and to intervine in the learning process. When this philosophical pedagogia if inclines to filosofar with the children, it must be a pedagogia of the question, that is, when the children are with vary interrogations in the head. The proposal is that questions with meanings for the children become, therefore in the truth what this occurring is that most of the time the questions are not formulated by them, and still superficially is answered by the adults and these do not accept questionings. The pedagogia of the question wants children who ask, interrogates, you have you doubt and you criticize, and that the questions have meant for them. The pedagogia of the objective question that if gives to chance the child to live deeply its you doubt, so that from the experience it can take off its conclusions and finally to create its proper reply.

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