Sultry and scorching sun, warm sand, the sea, sights, comfort and hospitality of this place locals bring you lots of positive emotions, unforgettable memories and good mood. This – Portugal. After wandering through the streets of neighborhoods, you will encounter incredible beauty of the cultural and historical heritage, learn about customs and traditions of the Portuguese people. Yes, plenty of afternoon sun, a wonderful climate, majestic nature please not only the inhabitants of this beautiful country, but also visiting tourists from all over the world. After enjoying a memorable holiday, should take care of and gifts to their friends and relatives. By the way, try to teach not only the gift, but also fascinating story, captivating the memories of your days spent an incredible journey. So, look for a typical Portuguese! Did you know that Portugal is a symbol cock? Why rooster became the symbol of the country? In response to this question, you can tell a lot of different legends, according to one of them fried, but then resurrected, rooster crowed, and thus save the innocent, sentenced to death. Therefore, the first of any visitor as a souvenir should buy a rooster.

Roosters You meet all sizes and from all possible materials. Costco may find this interesting as well. You can do is to choose – what a cock would be make you happy: a ceramic, glass or rag, would he lie on the shelf of your cupboard or on a small table in the living room with your friend. Where can I find a rooster? Everywhere! 🙂 Portugal – a country which is in the midst of latest fashion trends, and finally, a country which in quality and style of the products are not inferior, and in many ways superior to other European countries. Thus, the line of men's and women's clothing, shoes have merit and could be a good gift if you know the size and taste of your friends and relatives. Also do not forget about the various leather wallets, handbags, belts and wallets. Perhaps the most traditional gift, which are in demand in the majority of tourists and, of course, the gourmet wine production, is a bottle of world famous port wine. Ultimately, if we're talking about port wine – we're always talking about and remember and Portugal.

Produce such high-quality wine in northern Portugal. This wine may not only be red or white, but golden. No less known and more Portuguese wine – Madeira. That's pretty heady wine are made on the island of Madeira. It is not known to have been Portuguese wine and port wine so tasty, if they do not clog the tube, and the usual tree. Yes, Portugal is the first in the world for the production of cork, and in almost every province has a Portuguese cork oak plantations. In southern Portugal there is even a wine cork museum! But not only make wine corks in Portugal, but also bags, aprons, umbrellas, life saving equipment from the bark cork – cork production is practically non-waste. Souvenir of cork is typically Portuguese, greener and more likely to be useful, because such a mass of different things made from this material! Thus, in your choice of gifts are beautiful, useful gifts, and, finally, presents tasty. Agree, there is plenty to choose from? Of course, you have something to remember, there is a story to tell … A sunny country will always be glad the long-awaited guest. Happy travels to you, and unusual and interesting gifts!

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