There are many reasons a job interview can go badly. Firstly, negative attitude towards the recruiter. The tone and style of communication. Make a big mistake, those candidates initially negative, contemptuous or condescending to set eycharu. Recently Sonny Perdue sought to clarify these questions. First, your negative, even if you try it carefully hidden, still read nonverbal and feel the energy level. Second, the opinion of the candidate eychara worth it, since it depends on it – you will pass the first level of screening and reach a turn to an interview with the immediate supervisor. Third, the interview – it talks to them and have both parties at the highest level.

Tone of the conversation includes not only what you say but how you talking as well – body language, your reaction, your attitude to the interlocutor, your interest in the conversation itself. Try the first minute you feel defined communication style and sustain it throughout the conversation. It suggests that in the first place, you know how to quickly navigate and identify – with whom and how to talk, and, secondly, shows that you are able to adapt to the given style and tone, and therefore able to be flexible communication. Always and in all situations try to maintain civility, patience and kindness. Second, negative feedback. At the interview is not recommended to speak negatively about past job, a former co-workers and chief, took place about conflicts. Your relationship with these people and try to formulate occurring situations as objectively and correctly, without shifting their responsibilities to others. Third, cheating in a summary and in the interview.

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