The most remarkable building of the Lesser baroque palace-Albrecht von Wallenstein. Albrecht served the emperor Ferdinand II and was with him a general. Palace includes five yards and gardens in the style of a French garden. This is truly a historic place where you can see a lot of palaces, residences of the nobility, gardens and parks, churches, and enjoy the lush ensemble of architectural styles. Prague Castle, located on the left bank of the Vltava River – not only the most popular tourist attraction in Prague, but the real character of the state Bohemia. Here is the residence of the President. Walk on Castle will be free for you, but the visit landmarks on its territory only after buying a ticket.

Moreover, a ticket to sightseeing is valid for two days. In Prague Hail three inputs and one hour on each of them is a change of guard. This scene is worth attention. History of the Castle dates back to ancient Slavic settlements and a population of 1200 years. The castle was the residence of the dynasty Przhemyslovichey, in times, which was founded the Czech state. In the XVI century castle was filled with tradesmen, shopkeepers and other workers and trade lyudom fleeing from the city authorities. The fortress wall surrounds the castle and turn it into isolated area.

Here you can see a lot of interesting buildings – the palace, the cathedral, monastery, fountains and bridges. Cathedral of St. Vitus.

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