In addition, many people were healed from various diseases with the help of prayer and various conspiracies. With their help, people are cured of different diseases. With the help of Prayers and charms doctors could pick up from the bed, even desperately ill people. When treating sick people with prayers and charms need to remember that the therapeutic effect will be as strong as you yourself believe in it, and remember – the treatment must be done unselfishly. You can not treat human prayer in order to obtain from him any compensation, otherwise it will lead to sad for you and your patient consequences. Cure can only religious people and with pure thoughts. There are items that have a miraculous power.

The icon is a mediator between the human world and the divine world. Any prayer reaches God, simply because the icon is rise up to it quickly. Since ancient times, known connection between man and nature, and with the stone as an integral part of it. Rocks and minerals – is not only amazing gifts of nature and the material for jewelry. Stones have different properties. People have always given great deference to the powerful and mysterious powers of gems. They endowed the stones magical and healing properties.

The strength of stone or mineral affects the whole person, and separately in certain organs. The correct choice of the stone helps to heal from a variety of ailments. Each stone has its specific properties and represents a certain protection for the rights. As the stones and healing endowed with magical properties metals. Today, a description of the properties of metals research confirms microbiologists. For example, in a pot of gold, silver and copper water remains fresh for many days on the grounds that salts of these metals are detrimental effect on microorganisms. Mankind has always believed in charms, amulets and talismans, even now, this is reflected in today's society: someone does not change his mobile is not from avarice, but because that he was happy for the exam go to the "good" clothes. Many people were beliefs that all things have a soul and that is it and things: some nice and kind, others angry and vindictive. Talismans, amulets and talismans have magical powers. They are able to protect the rights of any trouble, can become advocates for your health and happiness. Manufacturing talismans, amulets and talismans – art that comes from the ancient times. If it is correct and timely use of an amulet, it can be an invaluable assistant and counsel.

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