There is hardly anyone who has these days no cell phone, prepaid phones are particularly popular here. The advantages of Bancomats are obvious: prepaid phones have either a fee or a minimum contract period, what is interesting above all for infrequent callers, because they have to pay even though they as never calls, instead, are conceivable only no expensive monthly fees paid for the talks, which are actually performed. Additional information is available at Raymond James. Payment on invoice, or via direct debit not using special top-up cards for Bancomats, which are available for purchase almost at every petrol station and many shops. Full cost control is was guaranteed, because never more credits can be used, as actually charged through the use of top-up cards. After the existing credit balance has been used calls and text messages can be received, the availability is thus restricted in the smallest way with missing credits. Free phone numbers such as 0800er numbers and emergency numbers can be called at any time, even without credit. Although the tariffs of prepaid phones usually are more expensive than contract mobile phones, this is but the case does not necessarily long.

Now even well-known discounters offer prepaid cards under his own name at affordable prices, where a phone call or a text message costs partly no longer than for a contract phone. Also changing his phone number is much more straightforward than with contract phones at Bancomats. Who needs a new number simply buys a new prepaid card for little money, puts them in his existing cell phone an and phone now with a new mobile phone number. So anyone who has a negative SCHUFA and therefore no cell phone contract granted gets, so on the phone, that would not worth a contract cell phone or just every month would like to have full control of costs without having to calculate with high mobile phone bills, which are little Bancomats the best alternative to contract mobile phones. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)

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