When the decision to participate in the exhibition made and budgets are confirmed, it's time to start preparing for this very responsible and not a cheap event. One step is the preparation of advertising design and layout catalog and other promotional and informational and educational printing. Planning Planning Design and layout of the catalog. The first step is to determine the timing of production of advertising. If you do not have an advertising department, then you need to select contractors – design bureau or free-Lancer for the design and layout of the catalog, decent printing and sign with them deadlines.

Network Security – the guys are not expensive, but often they suffer discipline. At stake exhibition worth a million or more, this aspect of the economy must be considered with special care. Next, we develop the content of the directory collect the necessary data from this determine the design parameters and directory layout and start production. Content Development next step after planning is the development of the content directory. Working on sections and segments, depending on the challenges facing us and the industry economic activity. If you are a car manufacturer – the directory can contain only one product, therefore, the design of the catalog is more like fashion (qualitative).

If you are distributor of children's toys, then a thousand or more, respectively, the main objective here is to place all the necessary information (quantity) and not to create too heavy with bricks from the five hundred pages. Collection of information. Actualization. The first step in the production of the catalog is the collection and accumulation of information. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Secretary of Agriculture. If you are a manufacturer – you need to take care of the photo shoot of the product. One may talk and write about it, but it's still a time to show. If you have distributors, so need to request images from the manufacturer (closed circle one turns out). The most offensive, to be a distributor of Chinese manufacturers, most of them have no information about advertising manufactured goods. Once all the images are collected, it is necessary to gather detailed information on a product (part numbers, names, descriptions, dimensions), which will go to the directory. Design and layout of the catalog. When we assembled the entire content proceed to the design and layout of the catalog. The first thing we determine its design. Complexity can arise in that directory should be in harmony with several aspects. In the first place – the directory must be a corporate identity. The second – it should be in harmony with the content – the product. Third – it must fit in with your presentable booth. For example, you advertise on the Cote d'Azur holiday, you have a firm style of the main color turquoise, red booth, and the directory is green. Check the content Once approved catalog design, layout directory is over, it must pass two or three levels of verification. The first step – check coder, the second phase checks the brand manager (product manager, merchandise in the end). The third stage – the directory layout is verified as a sales manager. Feel free to put one in a million that the error must there. Make any changes after the operation repeated once more, and only then goes to print. Part II – The design and layout. Preparation of promotional printing for the exhibition

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