Until recently, buying property abroad for the ordinary citizens of Russia or the Ukraine was something fantastic. Today the situation is different and the number of our compatriots who are willing and can afford to buy housing abroad has increased considerably. Today, free classifieds just full of attractive offers, almost every budget. What are the causes of this situation? First of all, no not a secret that the level of foreign service far above what we are used to us. Second, the ecological situation is sometimes much better in European capitals than in our industrial centers.

And finally – the prices! They are in most cases much lower than in Moscow or Kiev. In addition, the purchase of apartments, houses, villas, mansions abroad has investment appeal. With the proper calculation of the commercial real estate overseas will be guaranteed generate income from rent or resale. B is more important – is that buying real estate can help you obtain a residence permit in Europe. What are the most attractive country for real estate? Specialists believe that this is Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland, Bulgaria, Egypt, UAE.

In Turkey, for example, our people are actively buying up properties in the resort towns – Kemer, Antalya, Bodrum. Property in Cyprus demand not only for our pokupeteley, but the residents of Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Buying property in Cyprus is almost equalizes the rights of indigenous peoples. Hence – a steady rise in prices from year to year. A very attractive buying a home in Spain. Pros – beautiful countryside and wonderful climate. Sustainable growth of Spanish economy will be an additional incentive to locate there for business. Real Estate in the Czech Republic also Recent high demand. The most attractive and, consequently, expensive housing in Prague and Karlovy Vary. True, there are certain difficulties. Real Estate in the Czech Republic may be designed only for citizens this country. So great demand for the services of intermediaries. Buying property in Bulgaria – an excellent investment. The mild climate, good infrastructure, and rising prices – are the main reasons of interest to buying Bulgarian property only increased. Therefore, if, of course, have the financial ability, to choose where to buy real estate. In any case – it is cheaper than in Moscow or Kiev. And about the living conditions, level of service, infrastructure development and can not speak. So, go ahead! Use a directory of companies and enterprises to find a mediator, without them, unfortunately not enough. And your kids, maybe, will thank you.

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