The question of diet in the present time is very acute for many people. Further details can be found at Whole Foods, an internet resource. Each year, more and more people are in need of weight loss. After all, the rhythm of life of modern times, most of the time that we did not leave. Nourished, full and healthy. For many it was the memories of the past. A diet of fast food, the do not add us to harmony figures. Sports, as were largely inaccessible to many due to lack of time.

Nevertheless, more and more people think about the surgical method of correction. They did not think about consequences. The fact that such methods of weight loss very, very fraught. Fraught with very different kind of consequences. But there is an alternative to surgical intervention. There are other different ways of losing weight. Apply a wide variety of diets.

And among the whole variety of kinds of diets, especially bright stands alone. This diet Protasov. Yes, it is the same Kim Protasov's diet, which you most likely have heard. Yet sometimes it is called . What is so good this diet, and what are its advantages over other diets? And plus it is that in the diet, do not have to suffer starvation. Although previously thought limotherapy extremely helpful. But this view was mistaken. Because the body needs vitamins and fiber. Protasov's diet, makes it possible to take into eating vegetables and cheeses. Who are so rich in vitamins and trace elements required. Just before a certain time, many believed an effective dry starvation. This meant not only to eat, but also from drinking. And usually, this kind of fasting for weight loss, often ended with a complete dehydration. Yes, and probably a little of our time there people who want to lose weight by starvation. Moreover, that prolonged fasting leaves man without strength. It's so energy required, just nowhere to start. In contrast the same from these diets, with diet Protasov's no need to torture myself with hunger. Moreover, tolerated it without difficulty, giving good results. During that time received many fans. Even now, when the fast is savagery, comes to the rescue diet Protasov. For the first time know about it in 1999. It was printed in the newspaper "Russian Israeli". The diet focuses on five weeks. In the first two weeks, you can eat when and what you want. And at the end of two weeks, is allowed to use 200 grams of lean meat.

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