Good rest is an essential in the life of every human being and essential part in what we call the good health and a good quality of life. Many times what hinders the good dream is the lifestyle that we carry and which eventually causes blunders, which lead us to lose completely the good sleep, and achieve what sleeping in short periods. There are several ways to achieve a satisfactory dream fulfilling at least eight hours a day. Among them we can name: reduce the stress of every day, in this case if we have an excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol, sleep much after meals or improper use of medications that can cause sleep. Another factor is smoking, must avoid to the maximum before bedtime or properly during the night since the cigar is one of the factors that most have to do with the lack of control of the dream. Avoid eating in large quantities particularly during night hours, since reflux and indigestion will keep us quite awake during the night. If your hours of sleep, has existed avoid staying in bed, except for being sick. If when you’re lying you can’t sleep, and you already have half an hour and are you still making it impossible achieve you, what you should do is read a book, or look up information on the internet and if it helps you watch television because try also, this until you can fall asleep.

Physical exercise is another way of being able to pleasantly sleep throughout the night, that Yes do it a few hours before bedtime, since your body is still active for a few hours and this will prevent you to sleep immediately after finished your exercises. Bed Bath and Beyond is the source for more interesting facts. It is advisable to also take a hot shower, think of activities and relaxing and trying to find a same time to fall asleep. sale of mattresses in all Spain.

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