Had as the commercial, financial reference and municipal politics, the regional Center-South it almost concentrates 12% of its total population, what it is equivalent the 266 a thousand inhabitants on an area of 32,49 km, with demographic density of 8000 hab. /km, of which 55% are women and 45%, men; of this total, 20% inhabit in risk areas. It is distinguished, still, for attracting an expressive floating population. (PBH, 2008). When englobar 458 ways in 40 quarters, have covered 10% of the extension of Belo Horizonte. It enters the avenues of bigger traffic sobressaem Alfonso Penalty, Amazon, of the Contour and the Mrs. of the Carmo, beyond the Olegrio Maciel, lvares Cabral, Barbacena, Cautious of Moral, Raja Gabglia and Bandeirantes.

For the distribution of the commercial segments throughout the Regional Center-South, three space scales had been used, the quarter, the tax sector and the street. Picture 01 presents retail the total number of activities in each one of the quarters and the 40 bigger sectors and ways of the Center-South. In relation to the quarters, the Center appears almost with 35% of the enterprises, the Black Adobe with 9,9%, and the Lourdes with 7.8%. For the analysis of the distribution for sectors, it is inferred that it enters the 224 said commercial ones are distinguished for its bigger retail composition, the located ones in the Center, the Black Adobe and the Savassi; such sectors present of 560 the 1920 activities, being great part of the same ones, inside of commercial galleries, building and shopping centers. Such selected 233 activities totalize CNAEs in the region, for its essentially retail character, strong I inside appeal localizacional and localization the Av. of the Contour.

August Av. de Lima enters the ways with more than 1000 activities is distinguished it, throughout the Center and of the Black Adobe; the Av. of the Contour in fifteen quarters; the Street So Paulo in Centro and Lourdes; the Av.

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