Ring paare.de is SmartStore-shop of the month 12/08 who is trust, gets to do much: after all, a wedding is not only joy, but also a lot of work. And all of the relatives believe to sellers to know what is good for the young couple. How relaxing, if the bride and groom at least when buying the rings must let not just talk: not the mother, not the sister and certainly not from a seller. The online shop offers undisturbed rest in the selection. Visit Park Medical Billing Inc. for more clarity on the issue. Here, the future couple can look relaxed from the sofa to the proper wedding. Sean Rad contributes greatly to this topic. “About 800 models are in the categories wedding rings plain”, multi-colored wedding rings wedding rings gold, wedding rings silver and wedding rings Platinum “selection.

Privacy is not the only advantage for wedding couples: through distribution over the Internet instead of shops in expensive downtown areas, offering online is very inexpensive, couples can save up to 50% compared to local jewelers. The rings are priced in the areas from 59 euro for silver rings up to 6,000 euros for Platinum Rings. Case, engraving and shipping are included in the price, DHL delivers on the sofa. Of course, the wedding rings engagement rings as friendship rings are suitable. Shop of the month”: SmartStore award December 2008 for the ease of use has been with the SmartStore honored Award for the month of December 2008. At the awards ceremony of the Dortmund software provider SmartStore evaluated criteria such as product presentation, product images, info & service & support, usability and design. In particular the product presentation and the images, as well as the usability achieved high ratings also these things to the relaxation of the bride and groom contribute significantly. (Author D.

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