If judged by the time of origin of oil and tempera painting, in this respect, of course, wins the temperature. The first mention of this technique occur in ancient times. Oil painting, which is considered the progenitor of Jan van Eyck – Dutch painter of the Renaissance, was originally intended to paint the wooden statues. And the only time the properties of oil paints and artists have been seen used for the paintings. In comparison with the tempera technique of oil painting is of great advantage, oil paints, have as their basis for a variety of oils such as linseed, poppy, nut and other oils. And this feature allows painters to apply the various techniques are more pronounced in individual character traits of the master. This is due to the fact that oil can be mixed in any ratio, stack them in rows and each other.

Oil painting relatively long time keeps the color and brightness of tone, it also allows the artist to choose the pace of their work. And at the end of the wizard can easily play a relief painting, writing as well as thin layers of fat, thick, rich reliefs. But there is, of course, downsides to working with oil painting. On After a time when more and when, and less paint on the canvas start to crack the so-called cracelures, it happens because of the fact that different colors have different oil-based time and drying oil decreases with time and in volume. Lose the color, such as white paint on the basis of lead time begins to turn yellow, the colors can also migrate to the so-called manifestations of the process over the top layer of the lower ground colors. All these features require careful study of the artist's material for that would pull all these negative qualities of oil painting away in time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Expedia Travellers. Early masters struggled with these issues by improving the selection of primers and paints are also more artists are using modern methods. For that would save their work in its original form, the artists before the show covered their picture varnish. Previously, this process is called – Opening day, the title eventually passed to the actual opening of the exhibition. In the next article we are dear readers consider in more detail the techniques of modern painters.

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