Of course also had a great desire to bring my blog at least some benefit to society and its readers. That is to say, “wore for informational purposes.” And in his first post, I want to write a few tips that will hopefully help many of you, my dear readers. Advice for anyone who decides to discover a little corner of the internet, it does not matter: small Login or register, or blog, or just a diary. 1. Determine the purpose for which you create yourself a blog? Before you begin to write your own blog, find out why it you? You are creating it for the conduct of any business, for work or you just want to convey to his readers some useful information? Decide subjects.

Yes, at first glance it seems easy, you say, “Well, right now everything is clear, I’ll write about the cacti and goat Dorku in my village well, and about slippers that I bought last week.” In fact, the blog must adhere to a single theme, which gradually becomes a sub-theme with similar character. 2. Know your audience and readers. Select the appropriate design and content. They must meet the expectations of the audience. Your blog is not should sparkle like a rainbow, do not cram it with all sorts of banners, buttons only in moderation.

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