Therefore, they had been the principle called street of the Square, the Matrix, the Chamber, etc. Not because in them if they located these constructions, but because they lead. Therefore still today the inhabitants of the agricultural zone treat the city as ' rua' , in the singular, as a reminiscncia of the only stretch of the road where if they had constructed commercial establishments. ' I go to the street to make compras' , they say. E, really, to the street almost only goes with this purpose (VASCONCELLOS, 1959) Initially the primitive nucleus of the Tejuco was based in the source of the San Francisco Stream where they are to the streets of Santa Catarina and the Burgalhau. The occupation was given in this place for it to be next to them cultivates auriferous and for the access road the Village of the Prince and the Rich Village to cut the arraial.

For these it is that the victuals arrived necessary for the survival of the local population. The mining cities of Century XVIII had appeared all for the ways opened for the first explorers. The way that established connection arraiais, roads had become on account, precipitating the institutionalization of the space of these arraiais of the commerce and rotasde supplying, characterizing the apprehension of this soil already not more as only ' ' space of produo' ' , being the rising ordinance and urban normatizao one signals ' ' space of reproduo' ' that it is defined (Mount, 1999). The declaration of the discovery of diamonds in 1729 made with that a great number of people if dislocated for the arraial. As stories of the time the diamonds already were explored in the region had some years I announce and it of the discovery alone if it gave because of the existing rumors in the Cut, being impossible to hide the secret.

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