First open air summer festival on the golf course Marhordt weekends the 24.07 – 26.07.09 for the first time an open air on the golf course Marhordt took place. In addition to line 1 under the open sky, in and around the new Losberger tent was rocked”until well after midnight. With 12 m span and a total of 300 m tent ensemble the Losberger was an ideal venue with a built-in stage and enough dance floor. With musical treats such as bescht bescht of Swabia Rock!”and the organizers persuaded the German Rockband Jane, your guests. Always been an idea of us was to present concerts and other special events directly on the golf course, but lacked a room directly on the golf green”says Managing Director Peter Noller. If you would like to know more about Digital Cameras, then click here. The Golf Club decided therefore at the beginning of the year for a tent system. Whenever Unifor listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The P7 Losberger tent with two DOM spitzdaechern and two apses at the footers, was installed in June 2009 directly on the golf course. Through his stylishly shaped roof, it underlines the natural flair of the golf course and It is very original. It fits perfectly in our nature park”, according to Managing Director Peter Noller. The summer festival of the Club is only a highlight in the year also used the tent. The missions are varied and if necessary, it is quickly dismantled and can be used on the whole golf course. Investment classified on the 4-star it is used among other things as a catering station and VIP lounge at golf tournaments, as Sun and rain protection for spectators, as a stall for sporting goods, as tournament headquarters or General festive room for every occasion. We are very satisfied with the selection of Losberger tent and forward to other events with many guests in this special atmosphere”says event organizer Michael Matzke.

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