The coast is almost deserted since mid-September to mid-May. The ski season begins mid-December and lasts until April Trends and Prospects Today, analysts are increasingly talking about economic growth in Bulgaria. Why? Improved credit rating: BBB; Falling unemployment rates Reduced interest rates on loans The emergence of additional sources of financing for the purchase of property (real estate investment funds, housing cooperatives); Tax law encourages investment in Bulgaria Low property tax on real estate in Bulgaria is currently one of the most attractive countries for investment. By this view comes most experts in the sale of foreign estate in England, Scandinavia, Russia and other countries. In the past three years have seen a steady and natural growth in property prices in Bulgaria. In 2004 Bulgaria joined nato since 2007, this country – a member of The European Union.

Increased investment in the economy of Bulgaria is currently determined by the increase of the retail sector, with the purchase of shopping centers implemented throughout the country. Attractions Bulgaria Sofia City which "is growing, but does not get old" – Sofia for almost a half century is Bulgarian hail. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains of Sofia, to which are three mountain pass, marked on the map of Europe for seven thousand years ago, when convenient plain founded his settlement called Serdica Thracian tribe angry. Later, the beauty of Sophia interested in the Romans. Succeeded the ancient Slavic rulers have given the city a new name Sredets, which in the xiv century evolved a to Sofia.

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