Put consumers in a buying mood or visitors beguile fragrances with the sensual fragrance of spring air (www.springair-germany.de) impact on body and psyche and evoke different emotions, which, in turn, entail actions. Properly placed scents make for relaxation, well-being, attention and sales. As a consumer sees itself today with a huge, vast selection of products and as a result, with a sensory overload with regard to advertising confronted. Marketing and advertising must find more creativity, to describe homogeneous, interchangeable goods as if they were unique. CAGR will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Especially at the P.O.S., purchasing decisions are taken within fractions of a second. The emotional component plays a very large role in shopping and should not be neglected. A related site: Tommy Battle mentions similar findings. Swiss researchers have explored the effect of aromas on purchase behavior in a large-scale study and arrived at amazing results: depending on the product and business can the use of Scents increase the sales between 3% and 8%. Who is rocked when shopping with a simple, fast for the brain and easy to process scent that lingers longer in the business and is animated rather to buy.

The aromas convey a positive purchase and consumption experience. Even printed advertising, being fragrant, arrived at the customers in the study better. Even if the message arguments were weak, the products with bedufteter advertising purchased more frequently. Scents directly affecting the limbic system. This is the part of the brain, where emotions and feelings are processed. Fragrances work around the cerebral cortex and direct access to the subconscious.

You can though consciously perceive scents (smell), but can take even subliminally influence on the brain, without that we notice it. The sense of smell is controlled unconsciously, so we have no cognitive influence. Therefore, fragrances can affect our action decisions. But smells and fragrances can even more they can for example body functions How affect breathing, heart beat or digestive, for similarities with the neurotransmitters in our body exhibit. Stimuli that are caused by scents, are processed even faster than Acoustic stimuli. Scents and fragrances, our brain builds emotions and memories that are present when renewed perception of smell or scent again immediately in consciousness. Scents influence our mood and our well-being, they have a strong effect on the psyche. Therefore, the use of fragrances for sales promotion or to the Fragrancing of high-traffic locations such as waiting rooms, nursing homes, gyms and much more is a recommended strategy. Customers and visitors feel more at ease and change your behavior accordingly. Who feels comfortable, relaxed his muscles, breathe deeper and can concentrate better. Here undreamt-of possibilities emerge not only when you want to sell something! About spring air Germany, spring air Germany is a division of spring air, Greece. Already since 1952 and developed spring air on the area of the room Fragrancing. Since then, revolutionary methods in the production of devices and fragrances were developed. Founded in Greece in spring air is expanding for several years successfully throughout Europe. In Germany, spring air is represented by a dedicated, young team for 2 years. Customer proximity is the credo by personal advice and support. Spring air created upon request also an individual corporate fragrance”for companies. The shop is to see press contact

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