On the one difference being that they usually do not use w / w of the ring, and finished fiberglass shafts. By the way, no harm will know that any 'light' treatment plant made of polymers, plastics, fiberglass must be anchored to burden the concrete slabs, or ground them simply pushes out as a float. Septic tank and drain well have been connected to sewer pipes with tees at each end. Necessarily need a tee at the outlet of the septic tank. This is done to the floating crust and other light waste did not fall into the drain well and do not clutter it. Many unskilled workers will be considered a whim and indulgence, but to insist on! With regard to sewer pipes, they are gray for internal use, and orange – to the outside. The orange tubes, of course, more gray, but that such tubes should be used for drainage of VOCs. I spent the next experiment.

A piece of pipe left gray for the whole winter on the street. The outer tube does not seem to have changed, but if you try to put pressure on it, it becomes clear – trumpet lost its elasticity, zadubela. When I clicked on the tube harder – she snapped. The second piece of the pipe was in a warm room, did not lose elasticity and calm attitude to bullying, no lopnuv. The orange tubes are more resistant to external shocks, more resistant strain of the soil.

When laying the pipes, there is another trick. After working trench from the house to the septic tank, soil under the pipe must be carefully packed and sealed. If you do not, the soil may prosest uneven section of the pipeline may fail, which could lead to a change in the slope and damage to the pipe. The orange tubes produce domestic producers (in our area have not found), as well as foreign brands under Wavvin and Ostendorf. I am in different locations using both brands, although the latter is cheaper. Quality in inexperienced look the same. After the installation of a septic tank and drain well, I set w / w cover and cast iron manholes. Hatches are steel, cast iron type A (light), the T-iron (heavy), polymer. The polymer does not rust, look more presentable, but in my opinion is too easy. Having a well depth of 7 meters, I decided to put a heavy cast iron manholes. At a cost of slightly more expensive than they are, but kids like this just will not open. Weight of heavy covers on average about 90-100 kg. Simple anaerobic septic tank maintenance is minimal. It is recommended once a year to pump out sludge and inorganic sediment (mostly sand). No bacteria do not need to add. Drain well in a properly designed system and does not require many years of no maintenance. A year has passed the normal functioning of the system and used 170,000 gallons of water. Finally I would like to say that in nature there are strict Sanitary Standards for device treatment facilities. (A valuable related resource: Jack Fusco). In these rules, for example, indicated what minimum distance should be from a septic tank to a residential building, property line, roads, etc. Indicated in some cases may be disposed of water in the soil, and in some not, etc. Therefore, to avoid confusion with the neighbors light and recommend an appropriate authority familiar with this document.

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