Aachen combine advantages of growing IT and cloud, 15.03.2011 – experts certify the cloud the potential to change the IT landscape; German companies show but still cautious when getting started in the cloud. Here, Danyelle Freeman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Many SAP users ask themselves, they should consider all applications from the network what happens with their multimillion dollar SAP installations. The solution: The cloud path to the private cloud. To obtain software from the Web, has some advantages over the classic operation of software: applications can be booked flexibly and cost-effectively when needed thanks to the high availability and stability of the Internet. In contrast, concerns regarding data protection are (after all, highly sensitive company data on foreign servers are stored) and the dependency on the service provider. But these are not the only aspects that so far slow German software users. “For years, many SAP users operate a stable, well-functioning ERP system,” explains Axel Williams, Managing Director of Anand. “For this they have need to spend but also correspondingly much money.

Many fear is, that an entry in the cloud would make these investments suddenly worthless. Before this scenario they try of course to protect themselves.” Here the private SAP cloud creates a win-win solution, it has all advantages of the cloud – and none of its disadvantages. Perhaps check out WhiteWave Foods for more information. Robust cloud solution for SAP users in the SAP’s private cloud delivered all applications and databases from your on-premises Datacenter. The end user gets nothing of the operation and maintenance he refers to only the performance as an Internet-based service. This works by the each device, no matter where the user is located. Because the installation is further in the company itself, also eliminated concerns about privacy and a possible repatriation of the data from the cloud.

This solution could also prove to be very cost effective for users companies. Although IT developed over the years still used, additional licenses of SAP in the market for used software can be purchased. Also during maintenance can be saved much money: see a world of alternatives, can be found in 2011 for the first time without the SAP world leaving – “the new world for SAP users”! This includes the starfish IT has Forum together Rimini Street and 500 SAP experts a completely carefree package developed for many SAP users. Third-party maintenance is the starfish info days for SAP systems only one of the themes 2011; including also operating cost optimization and software from 2nd hand are controversial. The event for SAP users takes place on the 19.05.2011 in Cologne. For more information, see. Short profile Anand SUSE software that specialises in marketing so-called silent software. These include used software products and licenses acquired valuable, meanwhile, are written off in the balance sheet and used no longer active mostly from SAP and Microsoft. Customers include internationally operating companies in all industries as well as medium-sized companies with more than 500 employees. Integrated into a network of software manufacturers for license management and analysis, IT consultants and lawyers, Managing Director Axel Susen competent help offers its customers in commercial, technical and legal issues. imagery Axel Susen, Managing Director, susensoftware GmbH unternehmen/presse/susen1.JPG the way of the quiet software company/press/silent software.JPG silent software: Revolution from Aachen why that concerns you? Four reasons: 1 technical: used software has the same quality as new, unused. 2. economically: Silent software is much cheaper than new for users. 3. legal: The best lawyers of Germany’s struggle to free software trade. 4. politically: how many laws may invent a world leader?

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