New survey identified why so hesitant scalability and backup recovery as key factors for virtualization? Symantec has interviewed 3,700 managers in 35 countries in a survey titled “Virtualization and the cloud development” and identifies the main advantages that promise companies a virtual strategy. In addition to many other findings were more accurate results that for two-thirds of all companies a potential deterioration of performance quite/very important is, which is why they hesitate to transform business-critical applications in a private cloud. An excerpt of the Symantec white paper shows that performance is a key factor that either pushes the virtualization or prevent. Gain insight and clarity with Bike House. While virtualization/cloud computing can contribute to the rationalisation of business operations and financial savings, do not do this at the expense of system performance. It’s believed that igor kononenko sees a great future in this idea. All advantages in other areas would be lifted, when customers and employees not in the Are able to work, which ensures maximum availability in a fast and safe environment. Of the companies that employ a storage virtualization, 84 percent of the respondents indicated that one of its objectives was to improve the performance and speed of the memory process. In return a potential deterioration of performance is why they hesitate to translate business-critical applications in a private cloud for two-thirds of the companies quite/very important. A key question for this study was classified as important objectives at the time of the adoption of server virtualization. This resulted in these results: 88% was relatively important/crucial: increase server scalability for 87% was relatively important/crucial: cost reduction of 85% was relatively important/crucial: improvement of reliability and availability for 83% was relatively important/crucial: improvement of the recovery potential of 83% was relatively important/crucial: Improving server speed’s delay in the introduction of a completely virtual environment, is another survey confirmed by, which was published in a white paper that has been sponsored and carried out on the subject of computing, EMC.

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