When we are of good with we ourselves, we look in the mirror and seems that we are the important person prettiest and of the World, but the times when we are sad and badly with we ourselves, we look in the mirror and in we feel people to them ugly; with auto-they esteem low; therefore we must in them worry more about our internalization, with our mind and in feeling pleasant people on the inside to them and with much thing, after you if forming on the inside you in the exterior look at for and will see as you are a pretty, pleasant person with much value, are enough to use our value. I always found that those people who are only worried as exterior she does not have much thing formed on the inside, already those that are not mentally ill for the exterior beauty, are pretty on the inside and for it are this is very Pretty. Then if it worries more about its interior, and either you yourselves, it can have certainty that goes to give certain!

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