Statistics cruelly said that over the last decade in Russia has sharply increased the number of people experiencing sleep problems. What causes a sleep disorder? Causes of failure in the mechanism of sleep are the neuroses and depression, which is a daily burden on the psyche. It is formed of conflict and stress, fear and insecurity. It lies in wait for us at work and at home, in public transport and private car, on the street and in store. Take a look at the statistics: in the world every three people suffers from regular sleep disorders. In the U.S., this figure exceeds 40%, while in Western Europe – is approaching 60%, and 20% of Americans and 30% of Europeans sleep disturbance is stable. The irony is that the more comfortable we live, the significant levels of insomnia. Sleep disorder – a problem of the population of large cities and developed countries.

What is the reason paradox? Long gone people who have been called "larks" and "owls." Our unique rhythm of life with an early awakening, intense late-afternoon and bedtime have turned us into "unified Robot" – Hostages of civilization. Increased lighting in the evenings and nights watching television upset our biological clocks. A human body was a mechanism, operating on the clock – at night the children formed a growth hormone, and morning to all of us – the hormone of wakefulness. Upsetting the clock, and we break all of our nature. What will help restore the dream? The use of powerful sleeping pills should only in the presence of disease causing insomnia. In other cases, their use is justified – natural sleep they can not provide, and the risk of addiction is real. As a result, doctors are advised not receiving hypnotics and sedatives. The firm "Biokor" is one of the most popular drugs to help cope with stress and insomnia – Bean "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort." Sugar Plum "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" is produced by plants that Hundreds of years used in Russia: valerian, hops, mint and Motherwort.

Raw materials are not subjected to chemical processing, which enables fully preserve the healing properties of plants and makes the drug effective even in small doses. Another indisputable advantage Bean "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" is a reasonable price, which is evident from the constant rise in prices of medicines in pharmacies. Survey of scientists revealed that person to recuperate sufficiently 5-6 hours of sleep, but only if it is healthy and natural sleep. Sugar Plum "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" will help restore a full and adequate sleep to restore strength to the new days.

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